Important Changes in Immigration Laws for 2024: What Recruitment Agencies Need to Know

Over the past few years, immigration laws have been constantly changing, causing confusion for many. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines, especially for recruitment agencies. In 2022, recruitment was a prime target for immigration fraudsters, with the medical and construction sectors being particularly affected. To help you navigate these changes, here are the key updates […]

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The benefits of growing a temp desk.

If you’re a recruitment agency that focuses entirely on perm, you may have thought about growing a temp / contract desk at various times. It may be that you’ve not placed temps before, or you’re kept busy with permanent placements. Many agencies show interest in hiring a contract consultant, but they are notoriously hard to […]

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5 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Agency

The first 5 steps to setting up a recruitment agency of your own.

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Why Security Checks are so Important

At the top of every successful company’s priority list is their customer’s success – really, at any customer focused, service-based business this should be the case. In order for this to be facilitated, security checks have to be in place. One of the most important aspects of security is ensuring that your customers are who […]

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What are the steps in between you and setting up your Recruitment Company?

2022 promises to be another incredible year for the recruitment industry, and the trend of recruiters setting up on their own to capitalise on the booming market is continuing. It can seem daunting, the prospect of setting up your own company. But it needn’t. If you are an established recruiter right now, you already have […]

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Secrets to Success: Surround Yourself with Expertise!

You are a recruiter, and so making sure you maximise time to make recruitment happen is vital.