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Modern Slavery – Why you should care and what you should know.

In today’s interconnected world, the pervasive issues of slavery and human trafficking persist as a dark stain on global society. It is imperative for us all to remain vigilant within our businesses and supply chains. These crimes take various forms—ranging from forced labour and domestic servitude to sexual and criminal exploitation. Shockingly, the International Labour […]

Recruitment Funding

The benefits of recruitment funding – fast and flexible

Recruitment finance is a type of funding specifically for recruitment agencies which helps to be able to pay temporary or contract workers, while providing support with the back-office administration around this. It is different to traditional invoice finance / factoring and has some specific benefits which are as follows; Advance rate – in most cases […]

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The importance of bad debt protection

What is bad debt protection? Bad debt protection is insurance against your end clients that covers your business if the client were to become insolvent. Why do I need it? It is crucial for you as an owner of a recruitment agency to have credit insurance in place with your end clients. If you don’t […]

Recruitment Funding

Scary truths about traditional funding

Throughout our 8 years of offering recruitment businesses invoice factoring solutions, QUBA Solutions has come across traditional funding or widely known as invoice discounting methods.We’ve seen it happen again and again, agencies failing because the foundations they’ve built themselves on are unsuitable.Cheap? Yes.Flexible and reliable enough for growing recruitment agencies? No. 1) The Funding LevelThe […]

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Could your supply chain cost your business a six figure tax bill?

Umbrella companies are used regularly by recruitment agencies across the UK to pay temporary workers. Unfortunately, very few business owners are aware of how this can potentially lead to corporate insolvency or even personal bankruptcy. Quite frighteningly, recruitment agencies can be hit with a huge bill from HMRC if an Umbrella company in their supply […]

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Why a recruitment funder should be a UK Finance member?

UK Finance is the collective voice for the banking and finance industry. It represents more than 300 firms across the industry, acting to enhance competitiveness, support customers and facilitate innovation. UK Finance has quickly become recognised as an authoritative, balanced, evidence-led industry body, representing their members who provide finance, banking, markets and payments-related services in […]

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Benefits of permanent recruitment funding

Why would a recruitment consultancy have their permanent invoices funded? It is a good question and one that we do get asked every now and again. There are several benefits to having your perm invoices funded, it won’t be needed by all recruitment businesses and it may be dependent on certain circumstances but it can […]

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Reporting requirements for employment intermediaries

What is an employment intermediaries report? As an agency, if you supply temporary workers to an end client and are not paying those workers on a PAYE basis, you will be required to submit an employment intermediaries report. This means that you have report on any worker who is paid through an umbrella company, CIS […]

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5 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Agency

The first 5 steps to setting up a recruitment agency of your own.

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Traditional Invoice Finance Alternatives

How does traditional invoice finance work? If you use a bank for recruitment finance, they will typically advance anywhere between 70% to 90% of the invoice value. How does that work in practice? In simple terms, you will produce your own invoices and upload them to the bank’s invoice platform. The bank will advance the […]

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Why Security Checks are so Important

At the top of every successful company’s priority list is their customer’s success – really, at any customer focused, service-based business this should be the case. In order for this to be facilitated, security checks have to be in place. One of the most important aspects of security is ensuring that your customers are who […]