Does your Funding Provider Actually Understand your Business?

We have plenty of options in the recruitment world for all of our service providers, in most cases.

Most funding providers out there in the market offer traditional finance solutions – they simply fund companies and generally have an outdated, often very rigid approach in doing so.

We hear stories all the time of the inflexibility of traditional financiers slowing things down or even making certain things impossible for recruitment companies to achieve.

The analogy could be going out for Italian food. You could go to most cafes or pubs and get some kind of Italian inspired dish; but nothing will compare to the quality and the time served expertise that goes into the menu at a proper Italian restaurant. One that is dedicated to serving Italian food (often based on Grandma’s special recipe!)

Choosing a financier that understands your day-to-day trials and tribulations is paramount to your success with them.

The generalist invoice financiers don’t understand the recruitment market, they are very old-school and their focus is wide meaning they have no understanding of the niche requirements that the recruitment world has.

We know this because this is the driving force behind our business!

Quba provide a complete finance solution designed specifically for recruiters, by recruiters.

Essentially, we’ve done your job!

The directors each spent well over a decade running desks, building accounts and growing networks of both clients and candidates.

We know the pain points, and we know first-hand how important it is to have a fluid cash flow, an easy-to-use back office, and a fast-reporting system that can show in real time how much money is being made with each client and each individual worker.

Sometimes it can take 6 months to get a client on board; slowing chipping away at that account that you know you want to break into. But you can lose them in the space of a week!

We know the importance of being able to see how your team of recruiters is doing at a glance, the importance of reminding workers automatically to complete their timesheets, and the importance of recognising every single client company as an individual that will have different quirks and different payment methods and speeds.

Providing funding to the recruitment industry is a unique function as the frequency of invoices and payroll result in a fast-paced environment where attention to detail is imperative.

There are elements of freelance recruitment specifically which require your funding partner to truly understand the niche requirements of the marketplace. Late timesheets, amendments to invoices, immediate credit requirements, flexibility on outstanding invoices, establishing relationships with your clients; all need to be considered.

As a result of funding only in the recruitment sector, and having such focused backgrounds within the industry, we are also in a unique position of being able to offer up advice to our clients! We’ve seen it all, done it all and have the relevant t-shirts.

So if you’re in the process of choosing a funding provider, or currently work with a traditional invoice financier, then considering a provider that actually understands your business should be top of your list of priorities!

Grandma Romano will never forgive you for getting a bolognaise at Wetherspoons!