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Reporting requirements for employment intermediaries

What is an employment intermediaries report? As an agency, if you supply temporary workers to an end client and are not paying those workers on a PAYE basis, you will be required to submit an employment intermediaries report. This means that you have report on any worker who is paid through an umbrella company, CIS […]

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5 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Agency

The first 5 steps to setting up a recruitment agency of your own.

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Traditional Invoice Finance Alternatives

How does traditional invoice finance work? If you use a bank for recruitment finance, they will typically advance anywhere between 70% to 90% of the invoice value. How does that work in practice? In simple terms, you will produce your own invoices and upload them to the bank’s invoice platform. The bank will advance the […]

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Why Security Checks are so Important

At the top of every successful company’s priority list is their customer’s success – really, at any customer focused, service-based business this should be the case. In order for this to be facilitated, security checks have to be in place. One of the most important aspects of security is ensuring that your customers are who […]

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Is it a risk to start a recruitment business in 2023?

Let’s start off by acknowledging that seemingly every year brings about new challenges, new dramas and new potential concerns and anxieties about the state of business and the state of the world! 2023 is no different. No pandemics or Brexits or new wars on the horizon [we hope], but instead the media is warning at […]

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Admin Can Make or Break an Agency – the DANGERS of using traditional finance vs Quba Solutions

“Know your Apples from your Onions!” What can go wrong for your agency from using a traditional factoring solution? We are asked all the time, what do we do that factoring doesn’t? What are the differences? Well strap in, because here are some pretty important things to consider, all of them pointing to the age-old […]

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Can’t Find the Right Talent? Go to them!

We know it in life, and we know it in business; “standing still” in never synonymous with growth, with progress, or with a healthy future. With recruitment the way that it currently is – more of a bunfight over the best talent than ever before, it is vital to find new ways to expand your […]


Stay Connected – Even by the Pool ☀️

Summer is well and truly upon us, and with it holiday season. Not just for your network; your candidates, clients, your team and your colleagues… but for you too! Now, taking time off is vital. It is an essential part of work life balance – taking time out to recharge and reset. For many of […]

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What Are Your ‘Bad Clients’ COSTING You?

Running a successful business doesn’t just rely on your ability to win new work and new clients; it relies on dropping bad clients too. Letting go of work may sound counter intuitive, but it is so often a fundamental key to a business’ success. You wouldn’t believe how many customers we’ve seen running temp desks […]

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More Women Are Starting Businesses Than Ever Before

Last year, according to the Times, an all-time high of 145,200 new businesses were started by female entrepreneurs. Although women-led businesses still only account for 17% of all UK business, the number is on the rise. Across the UK, a growing percentage of high-growth scale ups are being led by women; acknowledging and celebrating this […]

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Frequently Asked Questions: Transferring Funding Providers

Why would you change funding providers? There are a few reasons that you may consider switching your current funding provider, here are some of the main ones: Your current deal is not cost effective. It’s no secret that you need to pay your invoice finance provider for their services with a percentage of each invoice […]