Get ready for launch in 2024!

Starting a temporary recruitment agency in the UK in 2024 presents unique challenges, considering the dynamic nature of the job market and the specific trends within the temporary staffing sector. However, that shouldn’t put you off.  Being Captain of your own ship can be a rewarding and exhilarating experience.  At QUBA Solutions, on average, we enable agencies go from start up to £1.2m turnover within their first 12 months of trading.  And it’s all yours…

What should you consider once you’ve navigated the “new year new you” posts on LinkedIn?

  1. Funding: If you intend to recruit into the temp market a funder is essential as cash flow is the most important thing.  QUBA Solutions provides 100% funding solutions for recruiters allowing you to pay your temps, pocket your margin and invoice your clients.
  2. Get an Accountant: You can pick a company name from companies’ house and register the business but after that you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing.  VAT and PAYE registration is one of the first things you’ll need to do to trade and HMRC are taking longer at the moment to process these registrations.  Speak to Aviso Business Services to see how they can help you set up your business.
  3. Insurance: Any recruitment business, especially those providing temporary workers division needs Public Liability (PL) Professional Indemnity (PI) and Employers liability (EL). Your end clients will require this and may wish to see the certificates. QUBA Solutions partners with Sutton Winson who specialise in providing insurance for established and new recruitment businesses. 
  4. Back Office: We don’t just provide the funding, we take care of your invoicing, credit control, payroll, debt insurance, terms of business to your clients, assignment schedules to workers, clients and HMRC reporting. Essentially we enable you to grow your recruitment business without the worry of the back office.
  5. Market Saturation: Identifying a specific market segment or industry niche can help you stand out and target a more focused audience. At QUBA Solutions the more successful agencies target a niche market and tend to grow quicker initially with greater client retention.
  6. Changing Regulatory Landscape: Compliance with employment law, tax regulations, and industry-specific standards is crucial in the temporary staffing sector.  QUBA’s platform – DynamiQ, ensures our clients comply with all current legislation including sending out terms, assignment schedules, KID’s and more.  Our in-house General Counsel can also check incoming contracts from your clients to make sure what you sign is in your business’s best interests.
  7. Brand Building and Marketing: Establishing a strong brand presence in a crowded market is crucial, but initially a basic website will do as you’ll need to focus your time on developing business.  With QUBA, you can benefit from a branded app for e-timesheets and everything that goes out from DynamiQ, inc terms, assignment schedules, payslips invoices all go from your domain/email address rather than ours.

After that what do we not help you with?  Well, building a pool of candidates, acquiring clients and retaining them.  That’s the bit you’re an expert in and the reason why we won’t fund anyone with less than three years experience in the industry.  We don’t get involved in the day to day running of the business, just there to help you as and when you need it.

If you’re interested in how we can help you grow to £1.2m by Jan 2025 – get in touch. 07887722055