For society to thrive, we must all collaborate. Every person, every organisation, every business, has a responsibility towards society, the environment, and each other. Here we outline our vision towards our clients, our employees, the environment, and the wider society. We are committed to make a difference in all these areas, to do more with less.


  • Corporate Governance; our aim is to operate within the spirit of all available UK legislation and to keep compliance in mind with every decision and action we make.
  • The Environment; we are committed to operating our business in an increasingly sustainable manner and to reduce our environmental impact in all areas of our business.

  • Personalised experience; it is important that our clients know us for who we are, as individuals and that our employees respect our management structure.
  • Implement stakeholder feedback; opinions are important to us and we will always act to apply good ideas in our processes.
  • Have a philanthropic presence; each year, we are committed to nominating one local and one national charity which we will support.

  • Work diligently; we are driven to provide the best possible service, going above and beyond using the current resources we have, to ensure every stakeholder is satisfied.
  • Efficiency in our experience; we firmly believe in constantly innovating our business processes to improve the lives of our employees and clients alike.
  • Reduce our waste and carbon footprints; analyse our existing business structure with the aim of becoming more efficient, especially in regard to the environment.

Our current nominated charities

It’s only by helping others that we can hope to make a difference to society. We see it as our duty to lead from the front in this respect and that’s why each year, we nominate two charities for whom we will concentrate our efforts throughout the year.

Julia’s House Children’s Hospices

Julia’s house is not a typical children’s hospice. Through frequent and regular support both at home and at their hospices, they’re able to provide an exceptional level of care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions but also practical and emotional support for their families.

We’re aiming to help this local charity raise £3000 this year that will allow them to provide 2 ½ days of play sessions at one of their hospices.

Julia's House logo

Surfers Against Sewage

Starting as a grassroots movement in the 1990s, SAS have dedicated themselves to the protection of the oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife around the UK. Through organising beach cleans to educating local schools about the effects of plastic waste, SAS have grown into a national charity covering all of the UK.

With waste reduction a core belief for many of our employees and central to our CSR strategy, our aim is to support SAS through local volunteer beach cleans and in raising funds for them to continue their educational projects. We have committed to their ‘250 club’ for businesses.

Surfers against Sewage logo