Can’t Find the Right Talent? Go to them!

We know it in life, and we know it in business; “standing still” in never synonymous with growth, with progress, or with a healthy future.

With recruitment the way that it currently is – more of a bunfight over the best talent than ever before, it is vital to find new ways to expand your search, expand your reach, and expand your business’ pulling power.

So, what can we do about it?

Offer more benefits?

Offer flexible hours?

Make working from home an option as standard?

Or could you yourself, go to where the talent is?

We know the advantages of having the possibility of remote workers, but the disadvantages are becoming all too apparent too.

Unaccountability, the breakdown of a sense of community, an impossible task to build any real sense of company culture. All of this, coupled with the now drastically inflating energy costs mean that communal working is becoming not just more appealing again, but perhaps even a necessity!

Opening regional offices isn’t as tough as it might initially seem.

It is easy to find appropriate places in key locations, it is easy to scale with teams as they fluctuate in size.

With satellite offices you’ll be able to quite literally go to the talent. We’ve found great success in doing so ourselves, with our own satellite offices at Quba, in Grimsby and our brand-new office in Southampton focused on credit control services.

The latter is the perfect example. We found the ideal match for us, our business and our ambitions but had no physical presence in the city, so opening up an office in Southampton became the solution we needed. The office is now excelling and beginning to grow!

If you’ve found your next hire, you should not let geography get in the way!

This in turn, has a direct and sustained link to customer service – the wider your reach, the wider your network. The wider your footprint, the wider your utility!

“The good jobs will come to you” – a mantra not just for your candidates, but for your own future staff!

Attracting talent is only half the battle. Retaining your staff is the other and increasing your coverage area means increasing employee flexibility further still – giving you another key string to your staff retention bow!

Don’t stand still and hope to recruit, or retain the best staff. Accept no compromise, go above and beyond and take your jobs to where the talent is.