Why wait until the market slows down to start your recruitment business?

A busy recruitment market is the PERFECT time to start your own business.

Over the last 18 months or so one of the most notable trends within recruitment has seen high performing consultants moving away from the traditional agency model and starting their own businesses.

Although this may have started out of necessity as many companies laid off staff or closed offices across the country, it is doubtlessly become a popular choice amongst those who have realised they can run their own desk autonomously, living the way they want, working the hours they need to and retaining all of the profits of their billing.

The question for decent recruiters right now really is why work for someone else?

Recruitment start-ups are flourishing, and there are a few reasons for that. We’re not going to talk about the benefits – we’ve done that already. But now the market is as buoyant as we’ve seen for a very long time, there has been a new shift.

The types of recruiters that are probably ready to launch their own companies and start reaping the true benefits of their work are now trapped in a prison of comfort! The market is so busy, and across all sectors recruitment seems to be going from strength to strength.

However, what this is doing is just making it harder for entrepreneurial recruiters to cut loose from working for somebody else. “I can’t start my own business now, things here are too good.”

It seems like good logic; however, a busy market is the exact best time to start your own business. Waiting for the market to slow down before you decide to launch doesn’t make much sense, does it?

A self-employed recruiter can expect to take home roughly four times what they would take home through working for an agency; largely for doing the same job they are doing! Making this jump in a busy market will therefore yield that much more benefit – even if things are currently comfortable.

Most recruiters starting out on their own can expect their first revenue by month 2-3 and be back up to regular earnings or better within 6 months.

Often the only reason a competent recruiter would shy away from the idea of setting up on their own is concerns over initial cashflow – see our blog on the true cost of setting up a recruitment business, it might surprise you what is actually needed to get started.

So, if you’ve ever considered seriously the potential of starting your own recruitment business, you may never get a better opportunity than now to grab the reins – a buoyant market with a client and candidate base who are primed to work with – and happy to support – the solo recruitment entrepreneur.

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