Has lockdown proved you could be your own boss?

The last twelve months have been an astonishing time to experience, and we are already seeing some incredible social revolutions in the ways in which we live and work.

Through long periods of working from home, utilising video conferencing software and the power of our other online and cloud-based tools to stay connected, most recruiters have discovered that they can work effectively running their own desk, on their own terms, managing their own time – away from the central hub of the office and any management they may have to report into.

With the lockdown rules now starting to lift we can look to the future in earnest – and yes, the new phrase that we’ve all been hearing time and time again now – our “new normal.”

Things will not revert back to the way they were – life will never be the same again, unless you let it be!

The optimism and entrepreneurship that has been born out of the strangest of circumstances is palpable, and with recruitment start-ups hitting the ground running all around us there may be no better time than now to launch your own recruitment business.

Clients and candidates are won’t bat an eyelid at the prospect of working with a solo recruiter working from their home office, or small start-up working remotely. It is a totally normal set up now and in fact, the flexibility and tenacity available to them in the form of the self-employed recruiter is becoming increasingly valued.

It makes sense why there has been such a move towards this style of work from the recruiter’s perspective. Disenfranchised team leaders and senior consultants either overlooked for promotion again and again, treated poorly during lockdown, forced onto furlough or forced to overwork to cover colleagues on furlough has of course led to many excellent recruiters seeking more, and starting their own businesses.

Many others too, with a taste of the freedom that working independently provides have decided to take it up a level as well. A long time spent at home considering what they really want from their careers, and an all too understandable desire to regain total control over their lives has been leading many recruiters to consider becoming their own bosses too.

The thought of the dreaded commute back to the office looming, the dress codes, the inflexible hours, the small talk at the coffee machine, the pointless meetings and stat driven KPIs are not things we’ve had to endure for the best part of a year!

Why should everything return to the way they were?

Often the only reason a competent recruiter would shy away from the idea of setting up on their own is concerns over initial cashflow – see our blog on the true cost of setting up a recruitment business, it might surprise you!

If you are considering joining this new wave of recruitment entrepreneurs, either disenfranchised with working for an agency or just awakened to the freedom and self-management that being your own boss entails – now is the time to take the reins.

If you would like to learn more about how our solutions work and whether they can provide all of the funding and services you need to set up your own successful recruitment business and no longer be beholden to someone else; you can reach one of our funding professionals any time on 01305 233178 or contact us here.