We support Julia’s House; here’s why and how.

Here at QUBA & Clipper, we strongly believe for society to thrive, we must all collaborate. Every person, every organisation, every business, has a responsibility towards society, the environment, and each other.

Throwback to 2017/2018 we made a conscientious decision to support two charities: one local to our Headquarters in Dorset, Julia’s House Children’s Hospice and the other on a national scale, Surfers Against Sewage. To cement our commitment, we established a dedicated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Team.

What better way to grasp the essence of our support than through the firsthand accounts of Julia’s House, here goes.

Who is Julia’s House?

Julia’s house is not a typical children’s hospice. Through frequent and regular support both at home and at their hospices, they are able to provide an exceptional level of care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions but also practical and emotional support for their families. QUBA are aiming to help this local charity raise £3,000 this year that will allow them to provide 2.5 days of play sessions at one of their hospices. You can find out more about their amazing work over at www.juliashouse.org – a word of caution: Have the tissues ready if you read their real-life stories.

Why do we support Julia’s House?

Molly – Project Manager

“They are just a brilliant charity, and cause. They only get 5% funding (or something similar) from the government, which is low compared to other hospice charities, meaning they are very reliant on fund raising. They have open days every so often and several people within the business have been to look around the facility and learn more about what they do.”

AshDirector & Founder

“I met with JH many years ago, after explaining what they do, the help and support for both young children and their parents really did pull at the heart strings. We felt compelled to help and do what we could.”

How does QUBA’s support for Julia’s House reflect in our values?

Rik – Director & Founder

“We believe every person, every organisation, every business, has a responsibility towards society, the environment, and each other. It is only by helping others that we can hope to make a difference to society. We see it as our duty to lead from the front in this respect and that’s why each year we continue to support Julias House in their work supporting the families of seriously ill children in Dorset and Wiltshire.”

How do we support Julia’s House? How are employees encouraged to participate?

Ash – Director & Founder

“JH have open days at the house, their team are brilliant, it gives them an opportunity to highlight and show exactly what they do and how crucial their help is to the families – it’s a real eye opener to anyone that visits. We support and encourage employees by paying up to one days (paid) leave per holiday year to participate in volunteering activities within the local community too.”

Hattie – Senior Customer Experience Consultant

“Pauline and I went to visit JH when we first started the partnership, they gave us a tour of the facilities and their work. Whilst there we visited the palliative care wing, it was absolutely heartbreaking, we both left in tears. Throughout the years we’ve carried out a bake- offs (the most recent raising £165), the Jurassic coast walk – 26 miles! And various runs from 10ks to Marathons. We also took part in their Everest Expedition during the pandemic, where everyone logged miles via a Strava group, for walking, running, and cycling.”

Rob – Director & Founder

“We’ve done bake-offs, 26.2-mile walks, half marathons and as a business, donate £100 every month. There have been some volunteer opportunities, but these have been more in their shops or warehouse; nursing is a little too specialised.”

Are there any upcoming projects you know of for Julia’s House?

Rob – Director & Founder

“Hot off the press and without giving too much away, we’ll be launching a fundraising event in the summer called QUBA to Cuba.”