Recruitment Funding

Scary truths about traditional funding

Throughout our 8 years of offering recruitment businesses invoice factoring solutions, QUBA Solutions has come across traditional funding or widely known as invoice discounting methods.We’ve seen it happen again and again, agencies failing because the foundations they’ve built themselves on are unsuitable.Cheap? Yes.Flexible and reliable enough for growing recruitment agencies? No. 1) The Funding LevelThe […]

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Could your supply chain cost your business a six figure tax bill?

Umbrella companies are used regularly by recruitment agencies across the UK to pay temporary workers. Unfortunately, very few business owners are aware of how this can potentially lead to corporate insolvency or even personal bankruptcy. Quite frighteningly, recruitment agencies can be hit with a huge bill from HMRC if an Umbrella company in their supply […]

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Is it a risk to start a recruitment business in 2023?

Let’s start off by acknowledging that seemingly every year brings about new challenges, new dramas and new potential concerns and anxieties about the state of business and the state of the world! 2023 is no different. No pandemics or Brexits or new wars on the horizon [we hope], but instead the media is warning at […]

Recruitment Funding

Admin Can Make or Break an Agency – the DANGERS of using traditional finance vs Quba Solutions

“Know your Apples from your Onions!” What can go wrong for your agency from using a traditional factoring solution? We are asked all the time, what do we do that factoring doesn’t? What are the differences? Well strap in, because here are some pretty important things to consider, all of them pointing to the age-old […]

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What Are Your ‘Bad Clients’ COSTING You?

Running a successful business doesn’t just rely on your ability to win new work and new clients; it relies on dropping bad clients too. Letting go of work may sound counter intuitive, but it is so often a fundamental key to a business’ success. You wouldn’t believe how many customers we’ve seen running temp desks […]

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Keeping on top of cash flow

Many recruitment businesses fail not because their business plan isn't sound or their consultants aren't good enough at bringing in the work, but because they fail to effectively regulate cash flow.

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8 ways to increase cash flow

One of the biggest challenges of setting up and running your own recruitment businesses, particularly if you are going to be supplying temporary workers, is having enough cash.

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Essential factors for business expansion

Setting up a recruitment agency requires tenacity, patience and a drive to succeed but what happens when you want to grow the business to take it to the next level?

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Why working with a finance provider can support agency growth

Whilst some may consider the formation of a new recruitment agency to be difficult, many will come to experience that growing the business once it is established is actually a more challenging proposition.

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Why Picking Your Funding Provider is Key

Funding can be provided in several different methods, with additional back office elements changing from provider to another. As such, ensuring your provision matches your business needs is of paramount importance.