Why working with a finance provider can support agency growth

Whilst some may consider the formation of a new recruitment agency to be difficult, many will come to experience that growing the business once it is established is actually a more challenging proposition.

Establishing a new recruitment agency can prove to be a fairly straightforward proposition. Typically you will have a collection of clients or contacts with whom you are looking to work with, whilst a bank or loan facility can provide you with enough cash to get starting and your accountant may be able to assist with your payroll.

However once two clients becomes four, and four becomes ten, how would your business cope with the administrative requirements? Would you have the software to run a payroll of 50 temps? Would you have the experience? Or the time?

Why partner with a finance funding provider?

Partnering with a finance funding provider with a proven track record in recruitment funding will ensure your agency has the best possible platform to succeed and grow. Invoice finance companies such as Quba Solutions will offer a collection of back office services in addition to the funding of your business which are organically scalable as your business grows. 

Experienced staff:

You can rely on experienced staff to provide your business with full invoicing facilities and credit control processes, releasing a large proportion of the weekly administrative burden of running an agency. A dedicated account manager will manage your business cashflow, ensuring the risk profile of your debt is kept to a minimum and your exposure to uninsured debt is limited.

Here at Quba Solutions our excellent payroll team will process a full PAYE book for your business on a weekly basis, ensuring that your business is compliant with HMRC requirements and regulations. This removes the need for an agency to invest in costly payroll software and staff to manage it.

Dedicated software platforms:

Dedicated software platforms provide businesses greater opportunities to expand business capacity. Here at Quba Solutions, our unique online portal  DynamiQ will provide your agency with electronic timesheet facilities, further easing the burden on yourself or your consultants and freeing you to do what you do best – recruit!

Research & development: 

At Quba we are constantly striving to ensure that we streamline both our own business and our agency partners. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure we are at the cutting edge of the invoice finance marketplace, thus providing our agency partners with an advantage in their marketplace.


By entrusting the back office elements of your business to your recruitment funding provider you are giving yourself the best possible platform from which to grow, as your are ensuring your business has not only the software and staff in place to grow, but also that it will benefit from your time and attention.

If you would like to learn more about how Quba Solutions can help you recruitment agency grow, please feel free to contact our team on: 01305 233178.