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2023 takeaways

For many, 2023 has been a challenging year in recruitment. There has been a downturn in placements, costs have increased, and insolvencies have been on the rise. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s been some positives to 2023 with newly formed businesses flourishing despite the economic knock backs as well as established agencies […]

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The end result of holding temps’ payroll; Conduct Reg Breach

We hear stories (fairly regularly unfortunately) about recruitment invoice financiers refusing to pay their agencies’ contractors / temps. This is obviously an awful situation to be in and very stressful for the agency with temporary workers relying on them to be paid. There is no legitimate reason why this should happen but, when it does, […]

Recruitment Funding

The benefits of recruitment funding – fast and flexible

Recruitment finance is a type of funding specifically for recruitment agencies which helps to be able to pay temporary or contract workers, while providing support with the back-office administration around this. It is different to traditional invoice finance / factoring and has some specific benefits which are as follows; Advance rate – in most cases […]

Recruitment Funding

Scary truths about traditional funding

Throughout our 8 years of offering recruitment businesses invoice factoring solutions, QUBA Solutions has come across traditional funding or widely known as invoice discounting methods.We’ve seen it happen again and again, agencies failing because the foundations they’ve built themselves on are unsuitable.Cheap? Yes.Flexible and reliable enough for growing recruitment agencies? No. 1) The Funding LevelThe […]

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Is it a risk to start a recruitment business in 2023?

Let’s start off by acknowledging that seemingly every year brings about new challenges, new dramas and new potential concerns and anxieties about the state of business and the state of the world! 2023 is no different. No pandemics or Brexits or new wars on the horizon [we hope], but instead the media is warning at […]


Stay Connected – Even by the Pool ☀️

Summer is well and truly upon us, and with it holiday season. Not just for your network; your candidates, clients, your team and your colleagues… but for you too! Now, taking time off is vital. It is an essential part of work life balance – taking time out to recharge and reset. For many of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions: Transferring Funding Providers

Why would you change funding providers? There are a few reasons that you may consider switching your current funding provider, here are some of the main ones: Your current deal is not cost effective. It’s no secret that you need to pay your invoice finance provider for their services with a percentage of each invoice […]

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What are the steps in between you and setting up your Recruitment Company?

2022 promises to be another incredible year for the recruitment industry, and the trend of recruiters setting up on their own to capitalise on the booming market is continuing. It can seem daunting, the prospect of setting up your own company. But it needn’t. If you are an established recruiter right now, you already have […]

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Making Your Customers Successful is What Drives Your Success

It’s always important to take a moment at this stage of the year to look back upon what has been achieved – are you where you wanted to be? What went wrong? What went right? Are you headed in the direction you want to be headed in? It’s time to check your compass. We are […]

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Why Picking Your Funding Provider is Key

Funding can be provided in several different methods, with additional back office elements changing from provider to another. As such, ensuring your provision matches your business needs is of paramount importance.

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Four Benefits of Using DynamiQ for Your Business

At Quba Solutions we recently launched our own dedicated cloud-based back office solution: DynamiQ. Our dedicated platform supports recruitment agencies in their day to day activities.