Making Your Customers Successful is What Drives Your Success

It’s always important to take a moment at this stage of the year to look back upon what has been achieved – are you where you wanted to be? What went wrong? What went right? Are you headed in the direction you want to be headed in?

It’s time to check your compass.

We are immensely proud of the achievements that have been made this year between Quba Solutions and our sister company Clipper Contracting.

Here are some highlights for us:

  • Growth has been 438% since June 2019.  That’s circa 100% since the beginning of this year!
  • New office in Grimsby specifically for Credit Control expansion, with a brand-new expert group headed up by one of our most experienced team members
  • New office in Poundbury for Clipper Contracting to assist with our growth plans to ensure we are keeping ahead of the curve regarding recruitment across both businesses to ensure Customer satisfaction and our high level of service is maintained as the business grows.
  • Our Risk team consisted of a Risk Director and now has a team of three under him.
  • New Relationship Managers onboarded to ensure our entire client base is catered for on a personal and in-depth level.

In terms of our technical expansions, we’ve not slowed down one bit either!

  • Brand new updated App to enable your end-client to sign off timesheets quickly and easily, with notifications to remind them –  rather than via complex portals relying on manual reminders
  • A brand-new integration to Vincere CRM system
  • Integration of import from the master vendor Matrix; which makes your lives as the agency so much easier as no need for payroll.
  • Constant UX updates to DynamiQ – we are dedicated to continually improving the look, feel and user functionality of our system so you can get the most out of it
  • Agency Security increased as all documents moved over to DynamiQ
  • Key info docs available with the approval of BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)
  • Clients’ ability to pay and bill in multiple different currencies!

But with growth, inevitably comes growing pains and lessons to learn.

We have spent more time in the latter part of the year helping our customers to integrate with our evolving systems and solving problems than ever before. But this is in fact a good sign – a sign of growth – a sign that we’re not content to stagnate.

It’s confirmation that we are continuing to put customer service first – and this is not just limited to the good times when everything is running smoothly for all involved!

We are continuously asking our customers what features they want or need, what ideas they may have for the future of the platform and what areas of the current offering they feel need development.

As a result, we are more confident than ever that we are doing the right things.

The success of our clients is what drives our success – and we quite genuinely love providing the tech and the expert assistance they need to flourish.

Our focuses next year include;

  • Lots of internal automation to streamline your work even further
  • More functionality for agencies to report on, significantly helping you and your accountants
  • Lots more UX functionality
  • Improved and slicker integrations with Vincere, Bullhorn and our other CRM partners
  • Paper timesheets matching automation, making your lives easier and more efficient yet again!

Exciting times are ahead.

To see more of what Quba and the DynamiQ platform can do watch our introductory video or book a demo with one of our funding professionals now.