State of the Recruitment Market 2022

Across all sectors, the recruitment market is thriving with activity and prosperity.

We have found the current market to be the strongest since 2008. Very high demand with a wealth of talent being on offer. We have found a strong increase in salaries in the PAYE Market as well as the contract market.”

We caught up with several recruitment business owners across a cross section of different industries and the unanimous analysis is overwhelmingly positive.

Companies are growing quickly in 2022 due to the economy bouncing back, and as a result the recruitment industry is experiencing an undeniable boom.

“The Temporary Recruitment market has continued to grow in 2021 and coming into 2022 as more and more clients try to keep up with the high growth. Clients will need to continue to bridge the gaps within their workforce with the seasonal changes but also, as a result of the economy bouncing back, we are going to see a very successful recruitment market for temporary workers in 2022.”

Over the last 2 to 3 years, we have all faced many tough challenges from surviving the unknowns and disruptions caused by the Covid Pandemic as well as the integrations of IR35 to name just two, however, we have also seen a huge demand for both Contractors and Permanent staff across the board.

“This last year in particular has seen a huge rise in the demand for experienced, qualified and reliable staff within the Construction and Engineering markets. 

The constant new developments and innovations within these markets as well as the many projects needing specialist maintenance are driving a thriving industry that is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon!”

The trends are not contained or restricted to certain sectors, nor to either contract or permanent hires.

“The education sector is undoubtedly as busy as it has ever been. In addition to the short-term needs, which have increased due to the effects of covid and self-isolation, we are also seeing a huge increase in the number of candidates who are looking to make a permanent move that they have held back from making over the past 2 years. Additional funding for catch-up has also added to the demand for candidates.”

With the optimism, economy and sturdy footing that the recruitment market currently has, we at Quba are processing more invoices and funding more than ever before.

How have you been handling the booming recruitment industry?

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