Starting a recruitment business, your best decision yet…

If you’re a successful consultant in the recruitment industry, chances are you’ve asked yourself why don’t I try starting a recruitment agency?  

On top of all the usual risks of setting up a recruitment agency, there is the huge impact of COVID-19 hanging over our heads. However, even in these uncertain times there is plenty of opportunity.  

You may have given some thought to how you would’ve operated differently to your employers through lockdown, wondering what results your own innovative ideas would achieve. There may be a reduced market, but you know this won’t last forever and gives you a good chance to solidify your business model, fine tune processes and build meaningful connections ready for the inevitable market growth when you can do what you do best, placing quality temps with great clients. 

With that in mind setting up a recruitment business can be the best decision you will ever make.  

There are many reasons for going it alone, 
1. Greater work/life balance
2. Freedom on sectors and clients to target 
3. Develop your own working culture 

And the big one:
4. To earn more money  

Being your own boss means you can fit your work schedule into your personal life, rather than the other way around. Perhaps you prefer to start the day early and finish mid-afternoon. Or maybe you are a workaholic who doesn’t like to be restricted to normal office hours and like to put in 12-hour days. As the owner of your own business you can work to your own clock.  

This freedom also enables you to target sectors and industries of your own choice. When working for someone else you may have been directed to work in a specific industry, whilst looking enviously at a colleague who is placed into a sector you are passionate about. Running your own business means having the flexibility to drive the business into the markets that appeal to you. 

A truly rewarding element of starting and running your own recruitment business is having the opportunity to develop a culture within the business that represents you and your principals. As the business grows and develops you can shape it to embody the core beliefs you have on how a business runs. This will often provide a satisfaction to the business owner that is hard to match.

However, the primary benefit of starting your own recruitment business is the potential to earn significantly more money. Imagine seeing the margin you negotiate on your timesheets dropping straight into your company account rather than into your employer’s. Rather than earning commission after a high threshold you can simply earn the profit on your timesheets directly.  

So, with more money, more free time and more control as advantages why wouldn’t you consider starting your own recruitment business, after all it could be your best decision yet!  

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