Should Your Business have its own App?

One of the major commitments at the very heart of Quba is to our constantly evolving tech. There is almost no better example of this than our brand new, reimagined e-Timesheet App, which is on offer to every single one of our clients regardless of their size or turnover.

So. Only one question to answer; should your business have its own app?

A Branding Supernova

If you have temps out, you will be processing timesheets. Now whether you’re doing that manually or through a platform provided by your payroll provider, your branding will undoubtedly be diluted down, forced to coexist with your provider’s brand, or worst case not be present at all.

Having your own app, with your company’s branding – logos, icons and colour palettes throughout – reinforces to both your clients and your temps your business and your role in the recruitment process. Brand awareness is the most vital way to stay in the hearts and minds of your audience and building and protecting that brand is paramount to the success of your business.

With a sleek, professional app that maintains all of your individual identity – your clients and temps will be buying into your brand every time they complete or sign off their timesheets.

Push Notifications – Automated Efficiency

The days of chasing candidates to fill in their timesheets or fielding the “am I getting paid on Friday?” calls from your temps are a thing of the past! Your e-Timesheet App will mean that your candidates and clients are fully in the loop, up to speed and automatically reminded of actions they need to take.

This of course directly increases the efficiency of the whole recruitment process, the payroll process and the overall professionalism that your company is able to offer your end-clients.

Save Time & Administrative Headaches

Your e-Timesheet App links in seamlessly with the DynamiQ platform meaning that you have everything you need at the touch of a button, along with your clients and temps.

There is no paperwork, no administrative burden and no time needed to be spent on payroll or laboriously filling in spreadsheets.

Effectively your temps are completing their own payroll and timesheet processing work. This is quicker, more convenient, more watertight than any other solution and end-clients absolutely love it!

Never get left behind

We are continually developing our platform so that we can offer the very best and most cutting-edge tech to our customers; the ability for a recruitment company to white label their own fully fledged timesheet app is not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

We are investing and updating our offering across the whole platform continually, and regularly checking in with our users too – often development is built round specific requests that come in from customers which serve to make their life, and the lives of their clients and candidates quicker, slicker and more reliable than any other solution out there.

Can you tell that we love what we do!?

So, really, should your business have its own app? The question should really be, if you’re a recruitment business with temps out, why haven’t you already got your app?

If you’d be interested in discussing how Quba can assist your business, including your e-Timesheet app, please drop us a line on 01305 231169.