The brandable e-timesheet app.

What’s our purpose?  Well, at QUBA Solutions we want to empower any recruiter to be successful in their own right; it’s what drives us.  Through blending technology and people, our recruitment funding solution enables any recruiter to shake up the dominant structure of the UK’s recruitment market. 

There is almost no better example of this than our brandable e-Timesheet App, which is on offer to every single one of our clients regardless of their size or turnover.

Your branding, your message.

If you’re supplying temporary workers to clients, you’ll need a timesheet process. Paper timesheets are so yesteryear.  Yes, you ‘ll have some clients that insist on using them but the process of confirming work electronically will accelerate over 2024.  So, how about an app? 

QUBA Solutions offers a free e-timesheet app to all of our clients we fund. Whilst a positive we do a appreciate it can lead to a dilution of our clients brand with their end clients and can lead to confusion from temporary workers in the roll we play in the timesheet process.

So, having your own app, with your company’s branding – logos, icons and colour palettes throughout – reinforces to both your clients and your temps your business and your role in the recruitment process. Brand awareness is the most vital way to stay in the hearts and minds of your audience and building and protecting that brand is paramount to the success of your business.

With a sleek, professional app that maintains all of your individual identity – your clients and temps will be buying into your brand every time they complete or sign off their timesheets.  All this is available for £295 per annum.

Push Notifications – eyes on.

Let’s face it, you’ll still have to chase some candidates to fill in their timesheets.  What we can do though is give real time information on the state of the timesheet process online so that you can make fact based decisions on a weekly basis.  You’ll be able to see when your candidates have filled in their timesheets and when your client has either approved or rejected. Your e-Timesheet App will mean that your candidates and clients are fully in the loop, up to speed and automatically reminded of actions they need to take.

This of course directly increases the efficiency of the whole recruitment process, the payroll process and the overall professionalism that your company is able to offer your end-clients. Your e-Timesheet App seamlessly integrates with the DynamiQ platform too giving you instant data each time a timesheet is submitted, approved or rejected.

Never Get Left Behind

At QUBA Solutions, we’re committed to continuous development. Our platform offers the best and most cutting-edge technology to our customers. Notably, the ability for a recruitment company to white-label their own fully-fledged timesheet app is not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

We invest in and update our offerings across the entire platform, regularly checking in with our users. Often, our development is driven by specific requests from customers, resulting in a solution that makes their lives—and the lives of their clients and candidates—quicker, slicker, and more reliable than ever before.

Consider embracing a branded app — in fact, why do you not already have one?! If you are interested to hear how QUBA Solutions can help you thrive, drop us a line on  01305 233178.