The control centre driving your recruitment company forward

When you’re in the driving seat of a business, you need a clear view of the road ahead, all the tools needed to steer and change gear within arm’s reach, and a bright, concise, easy to digest dashboard with all the information you need at a glance to fuel your decision making.

If you don’t have this, you’re likely to get lost, run out of fuel, or crash!

We have worked [really] hard to ensure that your unique online control centre DynamiQ is easy to use and takes care of everything you need to pay and manage your contractors in one place, as well as get an immediate, detailed look into debtors, credit limits and other vital info.

Whether your recruitment agency works within the perm or contract markets, debt is going to be inevitable – but it’s how you and your funder manage that debt that will make all the difference to your business and its future.

Our system allows users to access vital information that alternative platforms don’t.

Having visibility of your debt and the age of your debt is vital, and the first step to minimising risk to you and your company. Growing your business is exciting but for example if you’re continually placing contractors, paying those contractors weekly/monthly and not being able to see when those clients are paying, it can overexpose you massively.

Partnering with a financier that can provide this visibility will safeguard your business from running into bad debts. 

Our dashboard DynamiQ provides full visibility of your debt both in the form of a total debt balance and a full aged debt report, showing the age of the debt in an easy to digest, dynamic infographic. Alongside this our dashboard also provides you with visibility on your clients and their credit limits including how much of the credit limit you have currently in use.

This information is updated by your credit controller daily so is always up to date for your reference. With this information so readily available it gives you the ability to be able to make informed business decisions, meaning you can stay in control of your business at all times.

Don’t take our word for it: “The user-friendly DynamiQ portal allows me not only to save time by streamlining our processes, but also increase our efficiency and maintain a professional image to our client base.”

If you would like to see what the platform can do and how Quba can support your recruitment business you can reach one of our professionals any time on 01305 571042 or contact us here and we can book you in for a demo.