Supporting your business with Quba DynamiQ

When partnering with an invoice finance provider it is essential that the recruitment agency in question are comfortable with the back office solution that is being provided. In most instances the way the finance and the bad debt protection are being provided is very similar, if not identical. The real difference between providers is evident in the back office solution – namely, what is provided and how is it provided?

The DynamiQ Platform

Quba’s DynamiQ system is a cloud-based, online solution that serves multiple purposes. Not only does it house client and candidate information and the Quba eTimesheet system, it also serves as a single access point for business owners to monitor the performance of their business.

Integrating DynamiQ into your business could not be simpler. Upon signing with Quba you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will create your online DynamiQ portal for your business, including branding, along with logins for all relevant staff. Training is provided via screen shares and training documentation and your account manager will be on hand at all times.

Integration with CRM Systems

In addition, DynamiQ integrates with several of the most popular CRM systems, drastically reducing administrative duties for your consultants. This link also enables you to retain your CRM system should you get to a point in the future where you can self-fund.

One of the main aims of DynamiQ is providing the relevant information a business owner needs in a straightforward and easily digestible manner. Key financial information is provided in both numerical and graphical form, providing a snapshot of the health and profitability of the business in the most efficient manner possible.

Real Experience with DynamiQ’s Snapshots

Gregg Marrett, joint owner of Valuestaff, explains how DynamiQ benefits his business:

‘As a business owner I like to know at any given time how both the business and my staff are performing. DynamiQ enables me to see this information at the touch of a button, with my home screen displaying my weekly business performance. I can then drill down into as much detail as I wish, viewing profit and turnover per client, week or consultant. This saves so much time in comparison to other systems we have experienced.’

Efficient working is essential for any agency in the current market, with clients and candidates alike demanding a quick and manageable service. The team at Quba had this in mind when creating DynamiQ – how can we reduce the administrative burden on our agency partners and help them to streamline their businesses?

Why DynamiQ will fulfill your needs

As former recruiters ourselves we have experienced the laborious task of sending and chasing timesheets on a weekly basis. As a result we were adamant that DynamiQ would included a straightforward and easily accessible eTimesheet function, enabling our agency partners to reduce the amount of time spent chasing timesheets.

DynamiQ’s eTimesheet system is accessible from phone, tablet or computer and simple and straightforward to use for candidate, client and agency. Email notifications are automatically sent between client and candidate as the timesheet moves through the approval process, whilst crucially the agency has full visibility of this via their DynamiQ system and a simple ‘traffic light system’ indicating the status of each timesheet.

Real Experience with DynamiQ’s eTimesheets

Elliott Payne, owner and director of Trusted Contracts, finds DynamiQ’s eTimesheet system helps makes his business as efficient as possible each week:

‘The real-time visibility of timesheets and their approval status means we need only concern ourselves with those timesheets that are late or disputed, as we can comfortably monitor the remainder as they are submitted and approved without having to get involved at all.’

If you would like to learn more about Quba’s DynamiQ system and how it could revolutionise your back office please feel free to contact me on 07795 572916.