Steve Merchant on all things Quba…

Steve Merchant, financial advisor to Quba, sits down to discuss his inside view of the business. Steve joined the invoice finance and asset-based lending sector in 1992. He has since held leadership positions in origination, relationship management, and risk. 

Most notably, he was a member of the original team establishing GE Commercial Finance in the UK; he was also a divisional director of Royal Bank of Scotland Invoice Finance. 

In 2008, Steve Merchant was appointed as National Head of Asset Based Lending Services at one of the top seven accountancy firm’s, Baker Tilly (subsequently renamed RSM); retiring as a partner in 2017. 

Steve has a wealth of experience in business, banking and invoice finance. Having been heavily involved with a large number of businesses, including a vast range of recruitment agencies of all shapes and sizes Steve currently assists the board on strategy, risk and implementation.