Secrets to Success: Surround Yourself with Expertise!

Running your own recruitment business does not mean you have to suddenly become an expert in every aspect of professional interaction that you’re going to have. Quite the opposite in fact.

You are a recruiter, and so making sure you maximise time to make recruitment happen is vital. Surround yourself with experts in their fields that will have your back in any given situation – and this goes for all things.

It’s as simple as that; your speciality is recruitment – ours is finance, payroll and credit control.

We spent many years listening to our recruitment clients complain about their current factoring companies. The same things kept coming up; a lack of customer service, clumsy platforms and inconsistent communication all resulting in a poor customer experience.

We launched Quba Solutions in 2015 as a direct response to this using the 50 years combined recruitment and finance experience amassed between the directors!

Now just like your business and every other business in the world, we are only as good as the people that make up the team – and Quba has grown carefully and organically with that in mind.

Here are introductions to some of our expert advisors in recruitment finance!

Ashley Lyas spent over thirteen years on desk recruiting freelancers into the Facilities Management sector, building large teams in multiple regions around the UK. His wealth of both management and recruitment experience enables him to drive the technology and policies adopted by Quba Solutions.

Rik King spent over a decade in the recruitment industry for a top FTSE national business managing teams and regions with a specific focus on freelance before joining forces with Ashley to shake up the Umbrella market and create a leading payroll company.

Peter O’Donnell began his working career in recruitment in 2007 in the contract team for a technology recruitment company for almost a decade before taking on his first role in invoice finance, working for a recruitment specific invoice financier for over 4 years before joining the Quba team.

Jenny Underhay joined our group of companies back in 2011 initially for Clipper Contracting. After 3 successful years with Clipper and moving up to a Senior Business Development role looking after key multi-national recruitment agencies, Jenny joined Quba in the Business Development team to grow and attract new sales pipelines.

Mike Firth entered the world of recruitment after initially working in the engineering industry and sales. This in turn progressed into a step into the back office and the umbrella payroll market, working for two national leaders – the second being Clipper Contracting. When the directors of Clipper formed Quba Solutions Mike followed to help build the new business where he has been for the past 6 years providing his support and expertise to a huge client base of recruiters.

We are made up of long-standing team members who really know and care about what they do.

We are not just a bank – we know recruitment intimately and between the team we have seen it all. We know what it takes to run a recruitment business and we ensure that our clients have the support, advice and expertise to see them through any situation they might face.

If you would like to learn more about how Quba can help you and your recruitment business you can reach one of our professionals any time on 01305 571042 or contact us here.