What can you learn from top business leaders?

In any walk of life, learning from those that go before you is the most assured way of avoiding prior mistakes and repeating successes. Taking the time to understand why someone is successful can help you to mirror that in your own life, or business.  

With that in mind, what can we learn from top business leaders in the UK? Here, we look at the tips for success from three prominent UK business leaders:

Sir Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Group

Internationally renewed businessman Sir Richard Branson’s tips involve perseverance, visibility and ensuring that you listen, both to staff and clients. Whilst Branson’s personal preference is to make notes in a physical notebook and turn off his devices and listen to his clients in person, in modern business the feedback we get through technology can be equally important.

 Online avenues such as LinkedIn, website feedback areas, Google reviews and more give us access to feedback from our clients in a way that prior generations could only dream of. The security of writing and online review also enables your clients to be honest in a way they wouldn’t necessarily be face to face!

Carolyn McCall – CEO of ITV

Carolyn McCall oversaw record growth as CEO of EasyJet before taking the reigns at ITV and she lists self confidence amongst the most important attributes to have when running a business.

Running a successful recruitment agency is all about relationships and being able to build and sustain these relationships with your clients. Confidence in your business and your own ability to perform is what can set you apart from your competitors.

 “You should really get to know yourself, what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. Fill those gaps and then play to your strengths”.

Much like Sir Richard, she also emphasises the importance of getting to know your clients and your staff.  

“By speaking with people you learn far more than from a book or document about what to do to improve your business”.

Ricky Martin – recruitment entrepreneur and winner of The Apprentice 2012

Since winning the Apprentice, Ricky Martin has formed and grown Hyper Recruitment Solutions alongside Sir Alan Sugar.  

Expertly placed to provide advice on how to run and build a successful recruitment business, Martin suggests that planning is a key component of success. Having a business plan that you check regularly ensures that you are moving on the right path, whilst being realistic with failures eradicates procrastination and wasting money.

“If customers aren’t buying what you’re selling or you’re missing targets, is there any way you can improve? If not, get out. If you’re spending an unsustainable amount of money, get out. Or if you’re not excited about doing what you’re doing anymore, either get out or get someone in who is excited about it.”

That said, it’s important to not focus on the negatives. Reminding yourself of your successes helps to build confidence which permeates to staff and clients alike.  

“Some days can seem hard, but if you don’t hit the numbers it’s not the end of the world. Be proud of what you’ve achieved, no matter what it is. When people ask me whether my glass is half empty of half full, I say it’s over-spilling!” 

 What Sir Richard, Carolyn and Ricky all insist on though, is that you should enjoy your work and have fun. Building a successful agency is a hard proposition but one that can be achieved if you enjoy your work. Your natural enthusiasm for your business and your job will be clear to prospective clients and candidates and will provide you with the energy to attack each day with gusto.

 As Branson says, “a business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”.

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