The best opportunity you may ever get to start your own recruitment business.

We are of course in a transitionary period right now and as restrictions slowly begin to ease there has been too a general rise in new vacancies across recruitment sectors. Many markets are the busiest, or at least most optimistic that they’ve been in well over a year.

This is expected only to increase as we move further towards normality and a potential boom time for recruitment during the latter part of the year.

One of the most notable trends within recruitment itself over the last 6 months has seen high performing consultants moving away from the traditional agency model. Many excellent recruiters have started their own companies either out of necessity as many companies laid off staff or closed offices across the country, or out of choice realising through spending an extended period of time that running their own desk autonomously whilst working from home is 90% of the work of running your own company (for only a fraction of the reward).

Why work for someone else?

Recruitment start-ups are flourishing, and there are a few reasons for that. We’re not going to talk about the benefits – we’ve done that already.

Here are some of the main reasons why right now may be the best opportunity you’ll ever have to start your own recruitment business:

  • Clients and candidates are becoming not just more accustomed to but also starting to trust and prefer dealing with recruitment start-ups more than bigger, corporate companies. Businesses with huge headcounts and historical names may have recognisable brands, but they are invariably ruled by KPIs and restricted by mountains of red tape. Quick to react, flexible, entrepreneurial recruiters working for themselves offer that much more vested interest, and therefore that much more quality than the big corporate machines.

    There is no stigma attached to working with a solo recruiter or a recruitment start-up – if anything it is now quite the opposite.
  • With many larger organisations downsizing of course many recruiters have fallen out of the game altogether meaning on balance there is less competition in the market right now than there has been in years.

    The influx of recruitment start-ups are often finding most success getting more niche and more specialised than ever before too; taking a slice of the pie is enough, and there is enough pie out there for everyone!

  • The whole working from home culture has been totally accepted – never again will a client bat an eyelid dealing with a professional consultant as he or she works from her dining room table.

    It is easier than ever before to start a business with low overheads and no onus or cultural obligation to rent or buy a fancy office space!

  • The market is flooded with opportunity – some sectors have more jobs than they have done for years as they catch up with projects and things that have been on hold throughout the various lockdowns. Hitting boom time is of course the perfect time to start your own company and with the average notice period being one month, and the average length of restricted convenance being 6 months, that means that truly now is the time to move if you’re ready to take the next step and establish your own company.

  • You can hit the ground running with minimal starting capital – The only requirement for any cash reserves for a new agency is to be able to cover personal costs (such as your mortgage) whilst the business is building over the first couple of months. If you want to read more on the true cost of setting up your own agency – we’ve got you covered with this blog.

Most recruiters starting out on their own can expect their first revenue by month 2-3 and be back up to regular earnings or better within 6 months. If you’re like the majority of people at the moment, then you will have been spending less than normal during the various lockdowns and have probably the most back up capital you’ve had in a long time. Just another reason why taking your opportunity now to start your own business may be the best decision you’ll ever make!

So, if you’ve ever considered seriously the potential of starting your own recruitment business, you may never get a better opportunity than now to grab the reins.

Is it time you joined the recruitment revolution?

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