More Women Are Starting Businesses Than Ever Before

Last year, according to the Times, an all-time high of 145,200 new businesses were started by female entrepreneurs.

Although women-led businesses still only account for 17% of all UK business, the number is on the rise.

Across the UK, a growing percentage of high-growth scale ups are being led by women; acknowledging and celebrating this is vital to do if this trend of increased equality in the business world is to continue – and not just on the odd ‘women in business day’ social media frenzy!

We have seen a growing number of female entrepreneurs not just starting their own recruitment companies but turning them rapidly into huge successes.

“Starting a recruitment business in the middle of a global pandemic was terrifying.  It has taken sheer hard work, having the right people on the bus with me and a little bit of self-belief, but there has never been one regret about taking the leap!”

As a result of the pandemic, according to data from the Financial Times, the growth of female led business took a hit, and even the percentage number of females in the job market – particularly for working women with children, but now as the effects of it are receding the trend is clearly recovering.

Forming a business is never easy, and it can often feel like the odds are stacked against you. The keys to success are partnering with experts that can help you through; whatever your background and whatever your doubts.

“Starting our own business was quite daunting – there is a lot of information out there to help but not a real practical ‘how to’ without pulling information from so many sources, but we quickly got used to just asking people as we found everyone was so kind and supportive. When it came to the interim side, Rik took the time to come and meet up in-person in Manchester and run through how it works in a practical sense without the sales pitch which was just what we needed. He also gave a good overview of things we might need which was both kind and useful.”

Statistically and historically, women are more likely to be hired when the hiring manager is a woman – so more women starting businesses is likely to mean more women in business!

We suspect and hope that we will see exponential growth of female led business and will continue to do everything in our power to support the trend.

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