Modern Slavery – Why you should care and what you should know.

In today’s interconnected world, the pervasive issues of slavery and human trafficking persist as a dark stain on global society. It is imperative for us all to remain vigilant within our businesses and supply chains.

These crimes take various forms—ranging from forced labour and domestic servitude to sexual and criminal exploitation.

Shockingly, the International Labour Organization estimates:

  • Over 49.6 million individuals worldwide are ensnared by these practices.
  • 1 in 4 victims are children.
  • 71% are women and girls.
  • There’s been an increase of nearly 10 million affected individuals in just five years.
  • Modern Slavery has generated illicit profits exceeding £121 billion—surpassing the GDP of 130 countries.

Even closer to home, the United Kingdom grapples with the harsh reality of modern slavery with Anti-Slavery International suggesting:

  • Over 100,000 individuals are trapped in slavery within the UK.
  • Disturbingly, in 2017 alone, more than 5000 victims were identified, leading to over 150 investigations launched by the Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority.
  • The UK serves as a primary destination for trafficked workers, particularly in sectors such as transport, fishing, and agriculture, where wages can be as low as £2 per hour.

Recognizing the signs of potential exploitation is crucial in combating modern slavery. Here are 5 indicators to remain vigilant:

  1. Possession of Legal Documents: Are workers in control of their legal documents, passports, and IDs? If someone else is providing these, it’s a red flag.
  2. Medical Care: Is someone suffering from untreated injuries, avoiding seeking medical help?
  3. Behavioural Signs: Does their behavior indicate withdrawal or fear? Is a third party speaking on their behalf, or are they hesitant to provide basic information?
  4. Appearance: Do they seem unkempt with minimal personal possessions?
  5. Fear of Authorities: Are they reluctant or afraid to report to official bodies?

As a funder to over 300 recruitment agencies dealing with temporary workers in multiple sectors, heightened vigilance is essential. Exploitation can occur when workers are trafficked into temporary roles, either individually or in organised ‘gangs’ under the guise of a single LTD company.

The QUBA Solutions staff are trained to be vigilant and report any concerns to their line manager promptly. We actively encourage recruitment partners and connections to report potential cases of modern slavery through official channels: or helpline: 0800 012 1700

In emergencies or serious threats, contact the police at 999

For additional information and access to our Modern Slavery statement here. Together, we can make a difference in eradicating modern slavery from our communities.