How important is customer service?

It’s a part of the job that often gets put on the back-burner or the first thing to be cut out of a busy day. Certainly, with the pandemic looming over them last year many recruitment companies implemented huge cost cutting exercises which have resulted in customer services taking a big hit.

We can all bring to mind a customer service horror story that we’ve experienced: account managers changing several times, being passed from department to department and in the end only achieving what you need to through sheer stubborn determination!

Customer service is our top priority

We are seriously proud to say that customer service still sits at the top of our values at Quba:

We provide you with an individual Credit Controller:

  • A stable account manager that will get to know you, your business and your desk along with any nuances and special requirements that you or your clients may have.
  • Building a relationship with a specific, singular point of contact who understands the intricacies of your business means you don’t have to continually explain your needs and you will have someone in your corner with a vested interest in your success.
  • This singular point of contact translates through to your client too, protecting your brand as they will deal only with a recognised representative. Most finance companies won’t even give you contact with their collections teams preventing you from explaining the intricacies of your customers – each client is different. For example, if you have payment terms at 30 days, but you and your credit controller know your client pays like clockwork in 40 days then we can hold on – rather than automatically sending out legal letters after 30 days and damaging the relationship.

Recruitment business is our business

Your business is recruitment, and so is ours. Our entire background is in the sector, including directors that have run desks themselves. We are at the coalface and understand the needs you will have day to day.

We really have seen it all and are on side to help you out – a consultancy approach from a financier is a rare thing indeed, but something we are proud of at Quba. Our directors are always reachable and remain in contact with all our clients – no matter how long you’ve been in recruitment there will always be situations you haven’t come across before, or advice needed – and we are there to help. Whereas other financiers may just do spreadsheets, we provide a sounding board – guidance direct from the owners with our in depth knowledge on all things recruitment finance

As a recruiter your world is people, and people remember you based on how they were treated – they remember the experience. Your customer service is your greatest asset to stand out in a world where company cuts and clumsy, quick deals are all too common – we will never compromise, and you shouldn’t have to either.

Quba Recruitment Finance Solutions

If you would like to learn more about how our back office recruitment office and finance solutions work and whether they can provide all of the funding and services you need for your new or existing recruitment business; you can reach one of our funding professionals any time on 01305 571114 or contact us here.