How Quba Solutions use back office solution DynamiQ to help agencies

We spoke to one of our clients about their experience with our cloud-based back office solution: DynamiQ. Read on to find out what they think of it and exactly how it has helped their recruitment business:

‘Having approached many of the industry’s leading factoring companies prior to start up, Quba stood out from their competition for a number of reasons which made them an obvious choice for us as experienced recruiters.â’

On account management

‘The back-office support that you get with Quba is about as good as anyone could hope to develop, it’s as efficient as the industry’s national giants and they’ve done an amazing job. Their professional, dedicated and personable account managers are always on the phone after hours if I ever need them.’

On eTimesheets

‘Being able to leave invoicing and timesheets in their hands frees up time for sales and account management. The e-timesheet system is the only one that I’ve seen on the marketplace that has the visibility built within the process. I can see if someone hasn’t filled in their online timesheet by a click of a button, this enables me to chase them to avoid delay in payment. Likewise, it gives my clients the opportunity to accept or reject a timesheet, it also looks great from a branding perspective. We are a small business but have the capabilities to act like a large corporate embracing such advanced technology.’

On credit control

‘Quba’s credit control team are all experienced and dedicated in their roles, we very rarely have any issues and when they need our help to nudge a client, they call me directly and explain the full situation prior to aggressive letters landing at my client’s door, it’s just another thing that I don’t have to worry about.’

On cash flow and questions

‘The finance products available free up cash flow and promote fast growth and made perfect sense from the outset. Coupled with the expert advice from people that have such specialist and in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry you simply couldn’t ask for a better company to partner with.

I’ve had numerous questions along the way and they have helped me at every step, VAT queries, CIS queries all of these basics a standard factoring company would just expect you to get resolved by speaking with an accountant. Quba are different and are always willing to advise and help.

On the DynamiQ platform

‘The dashboard is superb, we now use in our business every day, it has so many features that save us a huge amount of time, for example working out consultants commission, client splits, gross profit split by client and most important of all a full break down on our current live debt position.’

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