Four Benefits of Using DynamiQ for Your Business

At Quba Solutions we recently launched our own dedicated cloud-based back office solution: DynamiQ. Our dedicated platform supports recruitment agencies in their day to day activities.

If your recruitment agency is searching for an online platform that can support everyday activity, then the four benefits below will provide all you need to know in how DynamiQ can provide efficiency to your business. 

1. DynamiQ has a clear and simple user interface that allows its clients to access the information quickly and easily, whether looking for timesheets or a profit report for a particular tax week, client or consultant. This allows you to monitor the performance of your clients and consultants, at a glance with graphical representation or in numerical form for the finer details.

2. The system automatically sends agency branded Terms of Business out to your clients upon approval, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the growth and development without having to worry about drawing up terms for each of your clients.

3. E-timesheets can be generated and sent out to your workers directly, and then straight on to the approver for your client, whilst giving you a real-time overview of the status of your workers’ timesheets. This means that as a consultant you don’t need to get involved and waste time sending/collecting timesheets.

4. DynaimiQ is constantly evolving through customer feedback and we are developing new functions every month including the following: 

  • One way is the way paper timesheets are uploaded, therefore improving the invoicing system further, ensuring your clients receive invoices promptly.
  • We are currently testing the way debt is shown, clients will be able to click on an amount of debt within the report, which will take you to the invoices totalling to that amount.
  • On the client homepage there will soon be a ‘timesheet overview’ which will allow you to easily see how many timesheets are currently outstanding/awaiting approval.
  • Prospects: this will allow you to automatically check a client out, to speed up the process of getting quick £10k insurance cover.

Due to Quba owning the DynamiQ portal means that we are always looking to develop and streamline the system to ensure that it meets the needs of our partners to run and grow their businesses. We have new projects in the pipeline and are looking to improve reporting, usability and functionality of the system. DynamiQ is already mobile friendly, which allows workers to fill out their timesheets on the move and likewise for clients to authorise timesheets, but Quba are looking into developing an app for mobile usage.

Our constant improvements will mean an even further reduction in time spent on admin and therefore giving you the ability to increase sales and grow your business.  We are always looking for feedback from our clients so that we can continue to tweak and develop DynamiQ and ensure we are providing one of the best back office support systems out there!