Disaster Recovery Plans with Your Financier

Low margins? Additional costs? Why disaster recovery plans should be the first topic you discuss with a potential new financier.

It seems hard to believe in the winter sunshine of this week, the effects of Storm Emma and the Beast from the East were only last week. Spring seems to be on its way and yet last week the country was brought to a virtual standstill with snow and winds that battered coast-to-coast. It is estimated that the bad weather cost the economy up to £300 million with EY claiming the first quarter GDP could be reduced by 0.1%.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Staff absences and delivery failures have tested many businesses. Traffic congestion, rail problems and all-round dangerous conditions led to many employees failing to get to work. In this instance, a well-considered disaster recovery plan can help businesses to reduce the impact of such rare events. This protects against the potential for temporary business shut-down and even businesses folding due to unusual events. Those without disaster recovery plans are likely to grind to a halt leading to negative effects on reputation, profitability and customer relationships.

We Have a Disaster Plan

Here at Quba Solutions we have a disaster recovery plan in place and it was enacted last week due to our Head Office being caught in the red alert zone of the snow storm. There was a reduction in workforce as staff had to leave early on Thursday and most could not make it into work on Friday. Our disaster recovery plan was designed to ensure minimal interruptions should such a circumstance occur and therefore the storm had little operational impact.

How it Works

Our whole operation is held in a cloud-based system, backed up over 5 separately located UK data centres. The system is accessed using virtual desktops and therefore the majority of staff can log-in from anywhere and continue to work. Whilst we had reduced capability for answering phone calls, all our staff were available via email for general enquiries. Our account managers and BDMs were all available by mobile phone and payroll was still completed, margin paid over and reports sent out.

How it Benefits Our Clients

As this is the way that our systems work, our clients benefit hugely. Our foresight in implementing such a strategy means that the recruitment agencies we work with still have everything they need when disaster strikes. The biggest consideration for recruitment agencies looking for new financiers should be disaster recovery infrastructure. Being unable to pay your workers can seriously affect your reputation and whilst the storm may be gone in a week your reputation will take longer to rebuild.

For further information on our disaster recovery plan, please contact us on 01305 233178 or email at rik@quba.solutions.