5 benefits of linking your CRM system to Quba’s DynamiQ back office system

With the ever-growing importance of marketing your recruitment business to stay ahead of your competitors, having an adequate software tool has taken on increasing significance to business owners in recent years.

Off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a popular mechanism for harnessing the power of the internet and its wide reach. These systems enable agencies to manage their client and candidate databases whilst also utilising sales and marketing functions such as eShots to targeted clients.

In addition to this, they also offer legislative and compliance assistance through the monitoring of functions such as AWR qualification and the safe storage of documentation.

With this in mind, here at Quba, we spent considerable time and money researching how best to partner the most popular CRM systems with our industry-leading back office portal, DynamiQ. By developing API links between the software platforms, Quba can offer a solution that offers unrivaled support to our agency partners without ‘handcuffing’ them to our solution long term.

Below are five key benefits of linking a CRM system to Quba’s DynamiQ back office system:

1. Time efficient

A CRM’s primary purpose is to organise, track, and manage all of your customer information, activities, and conversations. This helps your recruiters, marketers and customer service teams better understand your customers. It also ensures you are delivering the right message at the right time. 

DynamiQ is your back office function, your payroll, e-timesheet process, management information centre.  DynamiQ can communicate to most recruitment CRM’s via API to import key client and candidate information without having to dual import. This reduces the burden often involved when working with a financier of duplicating the entry of information onto multiple systems.  

2. Cost efficient

DynamiQ is free as part of your contract with Quba Solutions. Many of our smaller start-up agencies use this primarily as their initial CRM.  You can store client and candidate information and can see basic management information.

DynamiQ won’t work as an all singing all dancing recruitment CRM which is why we leave that to the experts. There are online cloud solutions we can integrate with that have had millions of pounds worth of investment pumped into them that are available for a reasonable monthly fee based on per user. We are not CRM experts, we are back-office experts so by integrating the two you get the best of both worlds

3. Long-term flexibility

Being able to link your CRM to DynamiQ offers real flexibility and ongoing sustainability for your business and the manner in which it operates. Quba aims to provide an industry leading finance and back office support platform for your agency until you reach the point where you have the ability and capacity to be able to self-finance.

By providing a dedicated link to your own CRM system, Quba can simply remove the connection between the two systems should you get to a point whereby you no longer need our services. This enables your business to continue operating in the manner it is accustomed to, without needing to source a new CRM system and train staff to operate it effectively.

4. Provides extensive information

Our industry-leading online portal offers all of the relevant information pertaining to the performance of your business without blinding you with figures and spreadsheets. DynamiQ utilises visual aids to highlight turnover, profit, debt levels, credit limits, consultant performance and more.

Our agency partners are able to access information in as much or as little detail as required, including invoices, timesheets, payslips and full access to every single assignment ever placed.

Here at Quba the eTimesheet system we offer provides a streamlined method of obtaining confirmation of your candidates hours. As well as a traffic light system, enabling consultants to monitor the progress of the timesheets throughout the entire approval process.

The entire solution is monitored by your personal and dedicated account manager, who personally monitors your sales ledger, providing you with the reassurance that your accounts are continuously monitored.  

5. Improves customer service

The relationship that you have with your customer-base will determine your company’s level of success. Gathering information on its customers to better facilitate a working relationship can be a difficult task. And the importance of customer data doesn’t end once it’s been collected; keeping accurate and accessible records of customer transactions, preferences, needs, and concerns can easily mean the difference between a relationship that profits both parties, and one that leaves everyone feeling unfulfilled.

Interested to know more about CRM systems and how we can integrate our DynamiQ back office system into them? Why not contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.